LARUS started in 2004 and has developed in the years with an Headquarter in Venice and an international vision.

In LARUS we help companies all over the world by designing big data-driven platforms, based on the most innovative open-source technologies, thanks to a solid experience gained in different areas: governance, insurance, finance, industry, commercial and telco.

With over 15 years of experience we like to say that we help our clients to build custom data solutions in order to optimize their decision-making process, boost profits and stay competitive. 

Young and Proactive

We are a dynamic young team steadily growing. Over the years, we have constantly developed this structure following company expansion. We believe in team’s value, in fact we devote time to company’s activities dedicated to team building and development. Our team’s mood turns naturally into daily work.

Insight Data Platform

In its growth path, LARUS has focused on the development of Insight Platform, with particular expertise in the NoSql and Data Streaming sectors and is the market leader in Network Data Science: an emerging branch of data science that focuses on the relationships that exist between data contextualize analyzes and exploit patterns that highlight recurring patterns of behavior. Moreover we work on Machine Learning and Data Visualization.


In the last two years LARUS has also focused on the “explainability” of Artificial Intelligence:

to be truly “Human-Centric“, it is necessary to understand the reasons behind the predictions of AI algorithms today is of fundamental importance to be able to instill greater confidence in the algorithms used, provide feedback to improve results, allow their use in regulated contexts.


In this context, in November 2020, LARUS launched on the market GALILEO XAI, the insight data platform for explainable AI based on graphs, dedicated to business experts and decision makers who wish to extract new knowledge from dark data.

Galileo XAI is a framework of data analysis based on graph that can be rapidly integrated with existing solutions. 

On June 2021 we launched release 1.0 GA release of Galileo XAI.

Focus on education: LARUS’ longtime slogan is “continuous learning”

The training inside LARUS has always been constant and for this reason LARUS ACADEMY was born. A continuous internal training program with lessons and projects performed by employees.

The idea is to create an internal community ready to help each other and create opportunities to learn more. The whole team is invited to share their knowledge because we believe that no knowledge is a “useless” knowledge.

We believe on students

Our R&D department works with many universities on different topics: from graph-data visualization, to graph algorithms and machine learning in order to validate their application to customer use cases. We collaborate closely with professors and students, taking part to the various courses dedicated to artificial intelligence, big data, and so on, we develop projects with them and sometimes we become bachelor’s and master’s thesis correlatos. We give some students the possibility to undertake internships to begin their introduction in the working environment and very often these internships become new hirings.

A learning organization embraced a culture of lifelong learning, enabling all employees to share knowledge