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We never stop! GALILEO XAI and the team go beyond borders in order for you to get to know closer the power of our solution!


GALILEO XAI, together with our Partner Fujitsu, will be the subject of our workshop at the international event about Fintech.

4-5th OCTOBER 2021


GALILEO XAI is ready to be presented in Santa Clara with a talk dedicated to Graph-AI to Combat Fraud in Fintech

20th SEPTEMBER 2021

#NODES 2021

After six months GALILEO XAI comes back at NODES with Fujitsu Labs of America with a new restyling and new features.

17th JUNE 2021


GALILEO XAI presented also at Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory of Politecnico of Milan University

13th MAY 2021


Banca Sella, in collaboration with Fintech District and Fabrick, selected GALILEO XAI for a powerful challenge

15th MARCH – 31th MAY 2021


APAC here we are! For the first time GALILEO XAI went in Japan in order talk about Graph-AI to combat frauds

22th APRIL 2021


Another international event for GALILEO XAI: how graph based XAI can improve car insurance fraud detection

17-18th MARCH 2021


4 storytelling days through the most reliable voices in this world and technical workshops focus on products

1-4th DECEMBER 2020


For the first time GALILEO XAI at an international event where we talker about explainable AI based on graphs

23 – 24th NOVEMBER 2020


At the breakfast event by RIOS we presented with Fujitsu, GALILEO XAI and talk about eXplainable AI

30th NOVEMBER  2020


The Neo4j Online Developer Expo and Summit where we presenter for the first time our new product GALILEO XAI

20th OCTOBER 2020

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