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the insight data platform
for explainable ai

A Revolutionary Approach
Based on Connected Data Science & Graphs



Define how to model your domain. Easily import data from an any external source. Listen to external changes and import them automatically


Analyse your data, discover new insights ond create significant patterns you want to check periodically. Let Galileo.XAl notifies you once a pattern is discovered


Combine different graph algorithms to create your own recipes. Understand graph structures and network dynamics lo underline nodes or clusters


Use Graph-Al algorithms to learn directly from graph structures how to uncover new insights and solve your most urgent business problems


Harness the power of the graph to give context to your outcomes and avoid the black box effect. Increase trust on Al algorithms though explainability


Galileo.XAI is configured as a product based on a design with 3 layers.

The areas of use of this solution can be considered infinite, in the most varied market segments.


Graphs provide a better way of dealing with abstract concepts. They offer an intuitive visual way of thinking. Traditional databases allow you to see blocks of facts, but if you want to find out how they’re connected, you need graphs


Among the fundamental characteristics of Galileo.XAI there is the explainability of the AI models results. Because analytics and artificial intelligence should help, but not completely replace, human experience and understanding.


Galileo.XAI is an easy-to-use graph data platform, in fact it requires minimal explanation on its usability even for non-technical users. It allows collaboration on analysis creation which helps improve teamwork and time management.

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Explainable AI

Explainable Artificial Intelligence includes a set of techniques and approaches useful for understanding, infusing greater confidence in the algorithms used.

Fast & Scalable

Galileo.XAI is a platform that guarantees fast response, even with billions of records and is always ready to manage huge data volumes.


Galileo.XAI can be easily integrated with other market-leader platforms like Liferay, Salesforce, SAP and others.

Flexible Data Model

It’s flexible and can be entirely adapted according to your needs and the information you want to store in. Data is stored into Neo4j, the leading graph database.

Custom Rules

Define your own rule and apply it to the whole dataset or let it to be triggered when new data arrives to have a real-time monitoring of all your data.

Graph Exploration

Seek your point of interest and see how it’s connected with other information like: people, accidents, place and so on. Discover new insights by following the links.

Business Friendly

Galileo.XAI is a platform with an interface designed to allow the users to connect with technology. It is an easy-to-use graph data platform, that requires minimal explanation on its usability even for non-technical users.

Predictive Modeling

Galileo.XAI offers a Predictive Modeling Solution, a form of knowledge extraction technology that works by analysing historical and current data and by generating a model to help predict future outcomes.

Graph Data Science

Galileo.XAI allows the user to easily build pipelines. Combining network science algorithms, the user can find the most important nodes, cluster them into meaningful groups, find the best paths and much more.

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a larus solution

Galileo.XAI is the flagship solution of LARUS.
LARUS helps companies design data-platforms, based on the most innovative open-source technologies, in order to optimize their decision-making processes, boost profits and stay competitive.

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