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The insight graph data platform for explainable AI

A Revolutionary Approach Based on Connected Data Science & Graphs

Why Galileo.XAI

Galileo.XAI, through Network Science and Graph Visualization, helps to simplify what is complex, allowing you to discover business insights in an easy and intuitive way.

Our Apps

With Galileo.XAI’s Apps you have the most common use cases in the form of micro applications, 
tailored on customer needs and totally customizable with ad-hoc functionalities.


The Fraud Detection App leverage machine learning, AI and graph visualization to help your team find more frauds, faster and faster.


The Data Governance App enables organizations to efficiently govern their data assets, mitigate risks, and maintain data integrity.


This App allows users to gain deep insights into network performance, identify bottlenecks, optimize network configurations, and improve efficiency.


Whether you are analyzing genome data, combining protein databases or investigating drug interactions, this app will help you solve problems at every scale.

Analytics of

With advanced analytics, machine learning, and real-time monitoring, the AoT App optimizes operational efficiency, asset utilization, and predictive maintenance.

Why Choose Us


Define how to model your domain.
Easily import data from an any external source. Listen to external changes and import them automatically


Analyse your data, discover new insights ond create significant patterns you want to check periodically. Let Galileo.XAl notifies you once a pattern is discovered


Combine different graph algorithms to create your own recipes. Understand graph structures and network dynamics lo underline nodes or clusters


Use Graph-Al algorithms to learn directly from graph structures how to uncover new insights and solve your most urgent business problems


Harness the power of the graph to give context to your outcomes and avoid the black box effect. Increase trust on Al algorithms though explainability

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If you’re interested in Galileo.XAI and you want to know more about our solution please contact us to book a Demo

a larus solution

Galileo.XAI is the flagship solution of LARUS.
LARUS helps companies design data-platforms, based on the most innovative open-source technologies, in order to optimize their decision-making processes, boost profits and stay competitive.

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If you’re interested in Galileo.XAI and you want to know more about our solution please contact us!

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