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Data Governance

Capture all connections and relationships among your data and make them accessible and easily navigable.

Key Functionalities

Schedulable Metadata Import

Automate the import of metadata at specified intervals to keep your data updated.

Automatic Metadata Labeling

assign labels to metadata for easier organization and retrieval.

Advanced Full-Text Search

Perform comprehensive searches across all data fields for detailed and relevant results.

Metadata Graph Visualization

Visualize metadata relationships through interactive graphs for better data insights.

Why Choose Galileo.XAI
for Data

Without Galileo.XAI

  • Manually aggregating data from various sources often leads to inconsistencies.
  • Depend on manual analysis to identify data anomalies and discrepancies.
  • Struggle with inefficient collaboration among data teams.
  • Significant time is spent on data preparation and cleaning before analysis can begin.
  • Face challenges in maintaining data privacy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

With Galileo.XAI

  • Seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources with the automated data ingestion.
  • Leverage customizable dashboards for comprehensive data visualization.
  • Harness AI-driven insights for instant identification of data anomalies.
  • Reduce the time spent on data preparation and cleaning with automated processes.
  • Ensure data privacy and compliance through robust governance and security features.

We did this before

A thorough data governance is essential to ensure the security, privacy, and reliability of information.

With the increasing volume of data generated and used in every sector, effective governance ensures regulatory compliance, reduces the risks of breaches, and increases the trust of users and customers.

data Management

Manage the collection, storage and integration of data to ensure its accuracy, accessibility, and reliability.

Data Lineage

Track the origin and movement of data across systems, providing visibility throughout its lifecycle.

Data Cataloging

Create a centralized data catalog to enable users to find, understand, and use data more effectively.

Data Access Governance

Manage data access so that users can access, use, and modify it according to their authorizations.

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