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Fraud Detection

Identify suspicious patterns and non-compliant behaviors by analyzing not only your data but also the relationships among the data points.

Key Functionalities


Enables users to share their insights on various entities and data points.

Auto-Linking for Investigated Entities

Automatically connects related entities during investigations.

Advanced Full-Text Search

Allows for detailed text searches across all data and documents.

Visualizations of Suspects

Provides visual analysis of suspects and their connections.

Why Choose Galileo.XAI for Fraud

Without Galileo.XAI

  • Perform separate analyses for each data source, ignoring the connections that frequently exist between them.
  • Due to slower data analysis, often manage to detect frauds only after they have occurred. 
  • Rely on non-interactive reports for insights, which may not be timely or comprehensive.
  • Use basic methods for predictions, which may not be as accurate or adaptive to new data.

With Galileo.XAI

  • Automatically and seamlessly integrate and process data from multiple sources.
  • Detect potential fraud early with AI-driven models that adapt to new data and patterns.
  • Leverage automated visualizations of suspects and their connections for quicker analysis.
  • Use customizable dashboards to visualize data and network models in real-time.

We did this before

As data volumes continue to grow across all sectors, robust fraud detection measures ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate the risk of breaches, and bolster user and customer trust.

Effective fraud detection is vital to ensuring timely detection of irregular dynamics, speeding up claim management times, and to minimizing the number of false positives, thus also improving the user experience.

Fraud Detection for insurance fraud

Insurance Fraud

Utilizing data analytics to detect and prevent fraudulent activities within insurance claims.

Fraud Detection for Credit Risk

Credit Risk

Assessing the likelihood of a borrower defaulting on a loan by analyzing various data points.

Fraud Detection for Anti-Money Laundering

anti-money laundering

Implementing data analysis techniques to detect and prevent financial crimes and illicit transactions.

Fraud Detection for Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Ultimate beneficial owner

Identifying and verifying the individuals who ultimately own or control a legal entity to prevent financial crimes.

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