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Customized platform, Tailored pricing

Every project has its own requirements, and every customer is unique. Therefore, you won’t find a rigid, dissatisfying pricing plan here. 

Instead, we offer customized quotes tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization. To learn more, simply fill out the form describing your needs. We’ll be happy to provide you with the best plan.

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Is your company at the early stages of embracing data analysis to become truly “data-driven,” or do you currently have only a foundational experience with traditional data analysis? Are you supported only by a small but dedicated team of both technical and business professionals focused on data analysis?

If so, the Starter Plan is an excellent opportunity to elevate your capabilities.

Starter Plan

With the Starter Plan, you will:

  • Break down silos and foster seamless collaboration,
  • Integrate diverse data formats, sources, and properties effortlessly,
  • Ensure your data is accessible, clear, and ready for immediate use,
  • Conduct comprehensive descriptive analysis
Starting from € 29.000

Is your SME characterized by moderate maturity in data analysis, with clear objectives for innovation but still reliant on traditional, non-integrated databases across different business units? Do you have a structured team dedicated to data analysis, encompassing both technical and business roles?

If so, the Advanced Plan from Galileo.XAI is the ideal next step for you.

Advanced Plan

With the Advanced Plan, you will:

  • Eliminate silos to foster collaboration across departments,
  • Centralize and democratize your data for greater accessibility,
  • Remove data duplications and misalignments for improved accuracy,
  • Perform both descriptive and predictive analysis for deeper insights.
Starting from € 49.000

Is your organization highly mature in data analysis and looking to innovate through AI? Yet still reliant on traditional db that hinder data accessibility and create information silos? Are you spending excessive time and resources on lengthy manual analyses despite having well-structured teams? 

If so, the Enterprise Plan from Galileo.XAI is tailored for your needs

Enterprise Plan

With the Enterprise Plan, you can:

  • Integrate unstructured data (such as text, images, and videos) with structured data seamlessly,
  • Significantly reduce ETL costs,
  • Ensure effective monitoring and maintenance of AI models,
  • Perform both predictive and prescriptive analysis for actionable insights.
Starting from € 69.000