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Our Partners

We believe in working together to bring value to our business and technology teams, which is why Galileo.XAI is the result of the collaboration of several innovation leaders.


Neo4j graph database provides human-understandable representation of multi- dimensional data.

Graphs provide a better way of dealing with abstract concepts like relationships and interactions. They offer an intuitive visual way of thinking about these concepts.

Neo4j Graph Data Platform

Traditional databases allow you to see blocks of facts – but if you want to find out how they’re connected, you need to work harder to perform some analysis. If you’re dealing with a large amount of data this can take significant time and effort.

Key benefits of using Graph Networks for link analysis:

  • Intuitive and easy to use: Our brains love visualization, so a graph network is inherently easy to understand.
  • Insightful and powerful: Reveal hidden connections between data to define and assign different profiles to users or find pattern and use this information to feed AI algorithms and get predictions.
  • Save time on analysis: Spend less time on manual scanning and analysis to discover and identify trends, and get an always up-to-date picture of your data.

Fujitsu Partnership

Our Partner, Fujitsu Laboratories developed Deep Tensor, that provides users with information on the system’s prediction with an effective explanation for the AI system’s behavior. DT enables to understand the reasons behind AI-generated findings and to make them explainable.

Thanks to Fujitsu, Galileo.XAI provides human-understandable representation of multi- dimensional data.


How Fujitsu technology elicits new insights from Graph Data.


Galileo.XAI is configured as a product based on a modular design with 3 layers, therefore the areas of use of this solution can be considered infinite, in the most varied market segments.

Our Apps are totally custom, fully tailored on customer needs, and built with Structr and its low-code approach.

No Code Apps,
thanks to Structr

  • Low-code application platforms offer compelling productivity gains for professional development, as well as speed-of-delivery benefits.
  • Low-code development platforms are emerging as a key strategy to accelerate app delivery to support digital business transformation and they have the potential to make software development as much as 10 times faster than traditional methods.
  • Low-code platforms employ visual, declarative techniques instead of traditional lines of programming. Both developers and non-developers can use these products, and they require less training to start.


Thanks to the partnership with Linkurious for Galileo.XAI it’s quick and easy to build powerful graph visualizations, roll them into analysts’ tools and workflows, deploy them anywhere in the world and reveal connections for faster decisions.

Linkurious for Graph Visualization

Graph visualization transform complex graph data into insights!

Galileo.XAI allows the user to understand the outputs, making them explainable and reliable through sophisticated visual representation techniques. These outputs, once validated, enrich the starting Knowledge Graph, transforming themselves into new knowledge useful to make the right business choices.

Linkurious offers unrivalled analysis functionality for deep graph insights.
It makes it easy for software developers to incorporate automatic graph layouts, social network analysis, filtering, geospatial mapping and temporal graph analysis into graph visualization applications.


Ready to dive deeper?

If you’re interested in Galileo.XAI and you want to know more about our solution please contact us!

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